14 Warden

Name: Warden Justice Bates

Date of birth: May 19th, 2003 (age 15)

Place of birth: USA

Warden is the 13th child of Gil and Kelly Bates. He is the 6th born son. He has 5 older brothers, Zach, Lawson, Nathan, Trace and Jackson. He has 3 younger brothers, Isaiah, Judson and Jeb. He has 7 older sisters, Michael, Erin, Alyssa, Tori, Carlin, Josie and Katie. He has 3 younger sisters, Addallee, Ellie and Callie. Warden's star sign is Taurus.

Known for the spin-off TV series, United Bates of America. The family have also appeared on 19 Kids and Counting.